What is the average salary in the Digital Marketing Industry

Getting a fabulous salary package is everybody’s dream but what salary they are getting and what they are expecting are pretty different things. What do you think, what should be the salary of a digital marketer while working in the digital marketing industry, even though you are sitting on the chair of digital marketing executive person or holding the respective position of a digital manager?

The digital marketing job is to empower the brand’s worth of the clients’ business by including all the business growth factors such as lead generation, getting more traffic on the website or mobile application, converting visitors into a regular customer, and increasing business sales graph, and so forth. Thus, it simply clear that a professional digital marketer has to have in-depth knowledge of multiple aspects of digital marketing. Along with these, an online marketing person has to be a more creative thinker to successfully generate more organic traffic on the website by implementing several effective traffic-generating techniques using all beneficial SEO and SMM channels.

A digital marketer is the only person responsible for the tremendous growth of a business then why need to compromise when things come to the digital marketing job’s salary. Across the globe, every person working in the digital marketing industry is facing salary issues and getting less salary than the worth of their skills and knowledge. Hence, most of the time, they all feel curious to know what should be their average salary?

Suppose you also belong to the same and are concerned about your digital marketing job’s salary. In that case, this blog post holds everything that will provide you with an exact idea about the digital marketing manager salary and digital marketing salary for freshers.

Digital Marketing Course:

Before starting a career in any professional field, we need to learn the skills related to that specific sector. Therefore joining a course is the Stepping stone to make yourself ready to achieve the first salary by working in digital marketing. Additionally, to learn the skills and join a class that too on a professional level, you need to spend a tiny amount in your course fee.

Digital Marketing Salary for Freshers:

On an average basis, the digital marketing salary for freshers should be between the range of 15K to 20K per month, but this only depends on the skills, understanding, and knowledge of the candidates.

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary:

Once achieving some experience and a specialization in any particular digital marketing term as SMM, SEM, PPC, etc., a candidate now becomes eligible to earn a bit more salary. That directly means the digital marketing specialist’s salary could be under the range of 25K to 30K monthly.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary:

A manager is the one who is responsible for managing all the complex tasks of the project along with fulfilling all the team handling, mentorship, and project management duties. As well as a manager holds years-long experience and expertise in utter aspects of the specific job sector. That indicates keeping the senior position; the digital marketing manager’s salary is likely to be 40K-50K per month. Any digital marketing candidate can become eligible to earn this splendid digital marketing job’s salary in just 3 to 4 years of experience since starting their career.

The above list is just the approximate idea about the digital marketing jobs salary; meanwhile, this a broad field that holds several career-building and growth hacking opportunities that too by working as a proficient digital marketer like an

Google Analyst

PPC Specialist

Content Strategist

SEO Expert

Social Media Marketer and more.

All the listed aspects of the digital marketing job field require the candidate to have the core knowledge of market research and ongoing technology and marketing trends and run the campaigns successfully. The salary of these forms of digital marketing depends on the skill set of the respective employee. An expert digital marketer can also handle all these responsibilities individually, and it makes them capable of getting a fantastic salary hike.


Now you have a clear idea about the average salary in the digital marketing industry. Next time, whenever you look forward to getting a new job opportunity in the digital marketing field, do not compromise with the salary expectation; instead, by believing in your skills, confidently share your salary expectation with the recruitment team.

Remember that a business is growing wonderfully, just because a digital marketer is putting multiple hardcore efforts in its behind. Therefore an online marketer is also capable of getting an attractive salary package as per the industry norms.

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